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Getting a credit is often quite a long and lengthy process. It is necessary to collect a million documents, certificates, as well as to defend the queue at the Bank. Our company will reduce the preparation time to a minimum:

  • quick execution of all necessary documentation;
  • we will help you register a second loan, even if the client is in the black list of debtors;
  • we work without prepayment;
  • payment only upon solving the problem.

The main condition for cooperation with us is the age of 21. After the appeal, the situation will be worked out in detail. The issue will be resolved as profitably as possible for our client.

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I lost not only my husband of 22 years but my 4 month old daughter my home and my will to go on in the last year. I can truly say it was the hardest of my 33 years.

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I live in Siberia, im study at the university. My scholarship is $ 34 a month, just enough for bread and potatoes, take a bus to the university and back. There are one dollar left on my card. 17 days left until next scholarship. I dont know how to live on.

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Hello, everyone. We've been dreaming about a plot of land for many years, finally bought it.
It would seem that the dream is in the palm of your hand, but it is not complete — there is no bath, and we also dreamed about it. We collect money for building materials, we will build ourselves, but the materials for construction are very expensive.
We hope for the help of people who can do anything, we will be grateful.

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Hello everyone who remembers me, knows and unfamiliar, but sympathetic people.
I was recently diagnosed by doctors. A brain tumor, a surgery is required. We need 20,000 dollars, my wife and I can't collect them, I can't work, and her earnings are barely enough for immediate needs.
I ask all concerned people to help me survive.

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Hello, everyone. I have a situation where I have to go to work, but there is no money for travel.
I was working, but the owner of the store where I worked suddenly closed the store without warning anyone in advance. He didn't pay his salary, justifying it by the fact that he didn't have any money either.
I got a job, but there's nothing to drive across town.

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Hello, everyone. My name is Ezoey, my husband is seriously ill, lost his job.
In spite of our efforts, there are rent debts that we are not yet able to pay off. Debts are growing, it is terrible to lose housing. Everything I earn goes to support my family.
If someone can help us with our debts, we will be very grateful.

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Hello, everyone. My mother and I live together. I went to the Institute, to the military Department.
I have to buy a military uniform, my mother pulls the loan, payment for utilities, clothes and shoes me, water and feed us both. I'm ashamed to strain her with this.
If someone can help me get some money for my uniform, I'd be very grateful.

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Hello, everyone. I never thought that I would have to ask people for help, but all the ways have been tried.
We live in a small village, we have two children, the youngest is 9 months old. Work in the nearest city, for this purpose bought an inexpensive car. My husband went to work, but it took a major overhaul, at work it was reduced.
I ask for help, who can help us.

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I really want to believe in a miracle, there is nothing else left.
I got married, was happy, my parents saved up money and gave me an apartment. My husband put it in his own account, saying it was at interest. Then he deceived me, I was left alone with the child, bought me a junk house.
I hope that people will help me raise money for good housing.

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Hello. A difficult period has begun, there is nothing to live on, there is no money even for food.
I have a disabled child, I bring him up alone, all the hardships lie only on my shoulders, there is no one to help us. I re-registered the disability group for the child, until the pension comes, there is nothing to live on.
I ask for help in a small amount, just to survive until retirement.

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Good afternoon. I have two children and my husband is divorced. I work, I'm not lazy.
I was able to buy an apartment in a building under construction. There was the last installment, but there was trouble, not enough money, and before the delivery of the house was one month. Besides, we need to buy some furniture.
I will be glad and grateful for any help.

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Hello. Got into a difficult situation.
It was a good job, helping a relative who got into a gambling addiction. I had to take out loans, but I coped with everything, regularly paid all the contributions, but I had to give up my job, I got into a debt hole.
I'm asking for 5,000 to lower my loan debt.

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