We need 5,000 dollars urgently
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Loan amount:
30 $
30 $
Loan term:
21 days
21 days
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We need 5,000 dollars urgently

The amount of the loan:
from 4000 to 140,000 $
from 6 months to 6 years
Money transfers to cards or in cash

Hello, everyone. I never thought that I would have to ask people for help, but all the ways have been tried.
We live in a small village, we have two children, the youngest is 9 months old. Work in the nearest city, for this purpose bought an inexpensive car. My husband went to work, but it took a major overhaul, at work it was reduced.
I ask for help, who can help us.
E-mail: help@loanlenderscompare.com
Name: Ava
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