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30 $
30 $
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21 days
21 days
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The cry of the soul for help by any amount

The amount of the loan:
from 10000 to 7 50000 $
from 1 month to 10 years
Cash or transfers to the card
Oklahoma City

I'm raising two kids alone. Took out a loan. I work, but my salary is only enough to extend it. There is no money for anything.
There is no one to ask for help, neither relatives nor friends. I will accept any financial assistance, I will be grateful for any amount. I hope for the charity of caring people.
Name: Ethan
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17.12.2021 07:14:46

I lost both my husband of 11 years and my 4 month old daughter thus year and all has fell apart im trying to get it back together just need a little help.