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30 $
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21 days
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User agreement

This user agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") the specialized portal "loanandlendercompare" defines the rules for the use of this SITE, located at:
Before using the information posted on the specialized portal, the user of the specialized portal must personally familiarize himself with all the terms of this Agreement.

The user's posting of information about himself on this Site means the User's full and unconditional consent to the terms of this Agreement.

If the User does not agree with any of the terms of this Agreement, the User must delete the information posted by the User and leave this Site.

1. User accepting this Agreement:
    1.1 Confirms that you have read all the terms of this Agreement.
    1.2 Guarantees that he is an adult (that he has reached the age of 18).
   1.3 Is personally responsible for the content and reliability of information, completeness of materials posted by himself on this Site, for the safety and confidentiality of data necessary for his authorization on this Site.
   1.4 Confirms that he / she agrees to transfer his / her personal data and all materials posted by him / her to the companies with which the Site Administration has concluded the relevant agreements.
   1.5 Acknowledges that this Site contains materials intended only for adult Users.
  1.6 Undertakes to use this Site in accordance with the current and applicable laws in this case.
    1.7 Undertakes not to publish insults, slander, obscene language, pornographic or other immoral materials; materials that demonstrate or promote cruelty, terror or violence; materials that offend human dignity; as well as other materials that do not comply with the law.
    1.8 Undertakes not to mislead other Users, as well as not to harass them or annoy them.
    1.9 Undertakes not to use this Site to advertise other sites, to distribute advertising materials or illegal propaganda materials.
    1.10 Gives the Site Administration consent to the manual and automatic processing of published ads, incoming and outgoing messages sent or received using this Site, in order to protect users from mass mailings and spam.
    1.11 Undertakes not to publish identical or similar ads on this Site. When such ads are processed by the Site administration, they may be classified as spam, and the User who distributes them may be denied access to this Site without prior notice.
  1.12 Undertakes not to engage in mass (more than 10 messages) sending identical or similar messages to other users. When such messages are processed by the Site administration, they may be classified as spam, and the User who distributes them may be denied access to this Site without prior notice.
    1.13 Undertakes not to create or use more than one account on this Site.
    1.14 on the basis of the laws of USA, the site user gratuitously transfers to the Site Administration its non-exclusive right (a simple non-exclusive license) to reproduce, distribute, translate and alter, as well as to communicate the materials added by the User to this Site through the information and telecommunications network (including the "Internet").
    1.15 Acknowledges that the materials posted on this Site may be available to other users of the Internet, for whose actions the Site Administration is not responsible.

2. The Site administration reserves the right to:
    2.1 Modify this Site at your own discretion.
    2.2 Provide paid and free services to Users (hereinafter referred to as "Services").
  2.3 Make changes and additions to this Agreement unilaterally. The Site Administration informs the Users of this Site about changes to this Agreement by placing a new version of the User agreement on this Site. New edition
  2.4 the User agreement shall enter into force from the moment of its placement on this Site.
    2.5 change unilaterally the cost and types of Services, their validity period
   2.6 the User has the right to terminate the paid Service. In this case, the user's unspent funds will be returned to him in a way at the discretion of the Site Administration. The transfer of funds from one User to another User of this Site is not provided.
 2.7 Edit or delete materials published by the User on this Site, if they do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, harm the Site Administration, other Users of this Site, third parties or public interests.
    2.8 Refuse to provide Services to Users of this Site in case of violation of the terms of this Agreement by the User of this Site, as well as to persons who pay for Services for such Users of this Site. In this case, the amount paid for the Services is not refundable.
    2.9 Deny access to this Site to any User using restrictions on the ip address, as well as the email address specified in the settings of the User's account, without explanation.
    2.10 Use information about the User, as well as materials published by the User on this Site, and are in the public domain, in particular, for the purpose of developing advertising materials, placing materials on the sites of partners of this Site and for other purposes not prohibited by law.
    2.11 Transfer the rights received from the User under this Agreement to third parties for the purpose of execution of this Agreement without the additional consent of the User.

    3. The Site administration is not responsible:
   3.1 For the content, reliability and accuracy of materials published by any User of this Site.
    3.2 For causing harm, damage, loss of information or for causing any other loss to any person that occurred while using this Site, including using mobile communications and other means of telecommunications.
      3.3 for violation by the User of copyright and other rights of third parties by publishing by the User of this Site materials that do not comply with current legislation (including copyright), added by the User to this Site or transferred to this Site in another way.